Leadership Coaching with James Arthur Ray

By travelling the path you have become the path itself

Discover how to take difficult leadership moments and make them growing moments

It’s always in the struggle that potential greatness is born.

James makes himself personally and directly available to a very limited number of clients to explore with them, and coach them on leadership in a one-on-one approach each year. His Ultimate Performance Executive Package is by application only. Not everyone qualifies to receive the teachings of Ultimate Performance directly from James; and there’s good reason for this. If you’d like to see if you qualify for a very unique experience, then here’s an application that you may complete without obligation. Ultimate Performance Coaching® is unique. It is unlike all other coaching programs. James offers to work with only a few select individuals in 5 all important areas. Select coaching in the pull down menu


Finding your own unique genius, your purpose in this lifetime, what you’re here to contribute must be your goal.

Your energy and empowerment from obtaining true clarity will be the single most important life changing experience you’ll ever have.


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“You have no guarantee that life will be easy, but you can be sure that you make your life meaningful.”

– James Arthur Ray

piers_morgan1 “The King of Self-Help” – Piers Morgan


 “The Rockstar of Personal Transformation” – The Today Show

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